maintenace of weighbridges

Why Opt for Annual Maintenance Contract for weighbridges?

To maintain your weigh bridge you need to keep it under regular service system. For this you can choose our after sales service provided through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your weigbridge.

AMC is a contractual method of maintaining your weighbridge at a given amount. Under our AMC we assure to provide you-

1. Timely service for better efficiency and longevity of weigh bridges.

2. Scheduled check-up for your weigh bridges that can keep your machines working in better conditions.

3. Professional advice on operating the machine in optimal way.

We guarantee AMC at cost effective prices. Once you opt for our AMC service, payment can be made either on a yearly basis or it can be done on half yearly basis. However, our AMC rates vary on basis of platform size and weighbridge capacity. Yet, upon signing the contract-

1. Spare parts are repaired free of cost, whenever required.

2. In case of any damages, due to natural calamity, spare has to be purchased bearing an additional cost which is made available at subsidized rates.

Furthermore, AMC helps to prevent your machine from any kind of severe injury. If you are unable to maintain your weighbridges, we are here to serve you. We assure you with 100% guaranteed timely service. To know more what you can expect in our AMC, follow our next article, “What to expect in AMC”?