What are customers looking for from weighbridge service providers

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Tulsi Weigh have been into weighing industry since last five decades. We have not only seen the evolution of it but at many places even administered them. With both experience and data of various industries we have found that service has to complement the product. Here we would like to share what should be your thought process to choose the right services for your weighbridge.

There is no way one can ignore the significance of measuring the weight of goods for a business to run properly. Weighing determines –

  1. The correct quantity
  2. Security of goods
  3. Logistic time
  4. Production forecasting

These are just few of the most important thing that is determined by a simple act of weighing.

Think of it this way – If the process of weighing is missing we fail to forecast manufacturing, delivery time, and measure of the quantity itself.

This makes the process of weighing not only necessary but critical as well.

We have emphasised on the point on how to maintain your weighing bridge. Not only as a supervisor but also as an owner. We have been talking about creating maintenance processes that will help you in a long run.

What we would take up today is beyond the periphery of the owners of weighbridge. You would be needing services pertaining to weighbridge. This is because of the unforeseen and non-controllable factors.

  1. The monsoon is a challenge for the weighbridge. The pit often collects water and affects the load cell.
  2. Operational wear and tear and calibration faults
  3. Lightening
  4. Power surge or error in power supply

These are few of the reasons when your weighbridges need professional engineers to look at the issues and resolve them.

As we discussed how critical weighing is for businesses and this leads us to be very thoughtful in choosing service providers for weighbridge services.

With our experience we have seen that customers are benefited the best when the weighbridge service providers can –

  1. Provide services within 24 hours
  2. Provide spares whenever required without delay

Both of the above points though looks obvious as a services provider is still very challenging. We will take up in our next article as how can you partner with your service provider so that you can get a better service in return.

Why do we consider the above points as challenges to weighbridge service providers?

  1. Having a network of engineers spread across multiple region is challenging. It tremendously increasing the operational efforts and cost.
  2. Having spares stocked locks the budget of service providers. Assume that they have stored spares and have not been utilized for months is a dormant asset. They could have rotated the money for operations.

Though there is a constant tussle in bringing up efficiency, the winner is always the one who could forecast and plan. We would take up an article on how we do that internally that has helped us to achieve the above two. This takes time and experience but once you achieve it becomes a rewarding asset.



Weighbridge Software- What you need for weighing

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weighbridge software-weighing software

In this article we will take up weighbridge software. We will try to understand the benefits that you can avail from them. If chosen well, weighbridge software will boost your efficiency of the weighing process.

One of the most important component of your weighing bridge is the software. They add the extra leg to your machine that smoothens or uplift the business processes attached to weighing. Currently most of these weighbridge software are beautifully designed for specific industries. But in general, what benefits that you must look for in the software that you procure.

Three features in weighbridge software to look for

Vehicle Information and tracking –

This is one of the most looked for feature in weighbridge software. The software can keep the stored tare, registration numbers and other details necessary for the trade.

Let us understand how does this feature help in the weighing process.

For loading a vehicle, first we measure the weight of the empty vehicle and then measure the vehicle with the load. If the tare weight is stored, we reduce one step from the weighing process. Even during unloading, the weight of the vehicle measured with the load will suffice to determine the goods weight as the tare weight is already present in the weighbridge software.

As we had mentioned earlier in our article on “errors of weighing”, we must not rely on the stored tare weight blindly and verify the data once in a while by measuring the empty vehicle.

If you have weighbridges at multiple point, the vehicle data serves for tracking purposes.

One of our clients optimised his loading time by tracking the entry and the exit time of the vehicles.

Some of the advance software allows to tag the tracking with cctv camera footage which is also useful in keeping a check.


A user-friendly ticketing interface –

There is a high possibility that your weighbridge operator will be spending most of his time here. A clear and easy navigation system of the ticketing interface will make the ticketing process faster. Make sure that auto search while typing feature is enabled to access vehicle information, customers and addresses.

Ease of getting multiple prints is a good option to have it in your ticketing module of the weighbridge software.

A lot of logistic company needs various features like barcode generation, invoicing, auto sms etc. on the ticketing module for easy integration with other business processes as well.


Reporting and Backup

Your data is important and if your software can back-up the data on cloud then nothing like it.

Your weighbridge is a source of business intelligence. Reports, hence is a very important aspect of weighbridge software. The software may not be designed for advance reports so option of having the data exported to excel, open-office or a database format will be beneficial. This will help other associated software to analyse your data and derive insights.


These are the three features that you must definitely look for in your weighbridge software. A lot many business processes can also be addresses through these software depending on the industry your weighbridge serves.

In case you want to know more on how software can stimulate business growth, do contact us; or you can send the request from the form below.

Weight difference in weighbridges – A realistic weighing scenario in India

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weighbridges in indian scenrio

This article will help you understand how to get the best output from your weighbridges in realistic scenario in India. We look into how weight difference in weighbridges is a constant challenge to businesses and how to overcome it.

Having your weighbridge displaying accurate weight is very challenging. Weighbridges are a precision instrument that measures trucks with load. And this is quite a task for instrument that needs to deliver precision.

It is important understand the common practices in regards to the weighbridge. This will give us a clear picture how prevalent is the “weight difference” situations.

You may not have tried this but if you recheck your weighbridge’s calibraweight difference in weighbridges in indian scenariotion with the same weight that was used to calibrate it last time, you will find that there is a weight difference.

Or say you have calibrated your Weighbridge- A against Weighbridge-B a few months back. You have matched the weight measured in A to be same as that of B by nullifying the weight difference between them. If you think that the weight difference of A and B will be same then you might, to a great extent, be wrong.

This does not mean that there has been a mistake in measuring the weight, it simply means that your weighbridge needs a recalibration.

Recalibration is not the challenge. The challenge is when or how can one identify that the weight difference in weighbridge demands recalibration.

Let us look at another very realistic scenario in terms of weighbridge usage that leads to a weight difference in weighbridges.

We have been almost blaring in each of our article regarding the importance of managing linearity issue. We find consistently businesses ignoring it.

You can know more about linearity in this blog better.

If we put it straight forward – You are draining your profits if you overlook non-linearity error in your weighbridge.

The ideal way to get your weigh bridges calibrated is by using test weights. As it is tough to find test weights we rather use a way around.

We calibrate one weighbridge against another with a single truck load. Now the non-linearity in simple terms mean that the weight difference in weighbridges differ with different weight.

The correct way of calibrating weighbridges against a mother weighbridge is to follow a five step process. In the 5 step process the weight difference in weighbridges in full spectrum of its capacity is measured and compared against the mother weighbridge. It is then calibrated against different weight range. This way your weighbridge is covered against the linearity issue.

In case you are getting your load cells replaced make sure that you get pre calibrated load cells.

Depending on the frequency of weighbridge usage it is a good practice to calibrate your weighbridge once or twice in 3 months.

As always stressed, keep a proper maintenance schedule/process of your weighbridge. After all your weighbridge is responsible for the most fundamental process of your business – weighing.

Load cell maintenance of your weighbridges

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Your weighbridge is a huge machine. It can take the load of heavy trucks for your business needs. But what needs to be understood is that at the end of the day, your weighbridge is a precision instrument. The core functionality of the weighbridge of providing the correct weight is possible due to the load cells present in it. This article will serve you as the load cell maintenance guide.


Load cell maintenance and why do you need it –


We have talked a lot on how weighbridge errors can steal away your business profitability earlier. Faulty load cells can be a major reason for the same. So for your weighbridge to perform uniformly, your load cells need to be serviced and calibrated periodically from a competent company.

load cell maintenance for weighbridges



What are the safety tips for load cell maintenance –


  1. Keep the weigh bridge clean – Your weighbridge will age faster if it is not relieved of the dust and mud. Make it a point to keep the weigh bridge clean. Use an air blower to keep the area across load cell free of dust.


  1. No flooding – Make sure that you have an efficient drainage system to get rid of the water from the pit. Water and moisture poses threat to your load cell.


  1. Welding is not cool – Just let us know in case you need any welding repairs to be done on your weighbridge. Do not try to do electric welding on your weighbridge by a welder. As the welder may not know how to get the welding done without destroying the load cell. Welding requires high current and that can destroy the load cell easily.


  1. No compromise on electric source – Weighbridge needs a stable and a good quality power source. Providing a dedicated and stable power source will be a good idea to provide a long life for your machine. One better way is to avoid sharing the power source which is attached to machinery that destabilises power.


  1. Do not avoid servicing – Servicing is insurance towards getting quality output from your weighbridge. Tie up for an annual maintenance with a competent company and be assured of good health of your weighbridge.



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  1. Calibration – Calibration is an important aspect of your weighbridge. In fact you are legally obliged to maintain accuracy of your weighbridge in case you are using it for business purposes. You can also go through our article which deals with calibration and maintenance of your weigh bridge. As a rule of thumb calibrate your weighbridge in case you have repaired or replace components like load cells or weight indicator.


NOTE: It is usually a trend in organization to calibrate their weighbridges against a common weighbridge. Let’s call it the mother calibration for the organization. It is advised to calibrate that weighbridge against light, medium and heavy categories of weight.


Example. For a 60 ton weighbridge –

Light weight is: 5to 10 ton

Medium: 20 to 30 ton

Heavy: 50 to 60 ton


This is recommended to avoid linearity problems. if you do get your weighbridge calibrated with only one vehicle because of unavailability at site it will cause weight difference later and it will trouble you. Though the best way is to perform with right test weights for the whole procedure but is rarely possible as it’s not available.


We have been helping organizations to weigh accurately since 5 decades. You can write to us or comment us below and we will be glad to help you.


Owners guide for weighbridge maintenance

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Your weighbridges work in a very tough environment. Dust, water, slurry, debris are its common impediment to your correct weigh measurement. And to ensure accuracy and reliability of your weighbridge, periodic maintenance is a necessity. We have been stressing how “weighing” is the fundamental of the business process, this insists us that weighbridge maintenance must be a habit that organizations must develop.



  1. Make it a habit –

    Your weighbridges are exposed to lot of dust, mud, water etc. These are not so favourable to the accuracy of your measurement. The exposure depends a lot on the kind of industry your weighbridge serves. But the fundamental remains the same. Accurate weighing is a demand of every industry your weighbridges are in. We have discussed extensively as how it hits the profit directly if you lose your weight against weighbridge errors.  It pays to organization in a long run that put an effort to make sure their weighbridges are cleaned regularly. Invest on the equipments that help you clean your weigh bridges. Having a water supply close by for a jet clean and a pump to drain out water from pit is a profitable habit for owners of weighbridges

NOTE: Jet cleaning may not be suitable for your load cells in case they do not belong to the protection class IP69K. You can use air jet instead of water jet for cleaning.


  1. Periodic Cleaning –

  1. On daily basis – This is to get you weighbridges ready for its daily operation. Make sure the water is pumped out in case the pit is filled with water due to rain. Or make sure to get the dust off the load cell after a windy day with air blower. This is better done with a checklist depending upon the environmental condition and the industry your weighbridge is subjected to.
  2. Fort night – This is to make sure that the weighbridge is not affected by any sort of errors due to debris etc during the two weeks of operation. Edge-middle-edge test is a good way to understand that. Measure the weight of the truck placing it at the middle of the weigh bridge. Now take the weights placing the truck more towards the front, then towards the end, then to the side edges. Note the weights during all such positions and see if there are any variations in the weight.
  3. Monthly habit – Jet clean (use water only if your load cell can resist jet-water cleaning else use air jet instead) your weighbridge and give a close check up to identify any damages on the platform or load cells. Arrange for any rectification your weighbridge demands.


  1. Advance cleaning –

    Make sure to get your weighbridges cleaned by professionals. We recommend our clients to go for such advance cleaning one after the rainy season. This process becomes much easier and without a headache for clients with AMC.

We are keen to hear from you your weighbridge maintenance challenge. Let us know and we can help you to resolve it. You can also share how you have been able to keep your weighbridge healthy in our comment section for everyone’s benefit.

Who is stealing your weight?

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The most fundamental element of manufacturing, delivery, procurement and production is – Weighing.

We keep this repeating in an alarming rate because we do not want you to miss the point. The weight of the trucks measured determines profitability or loss for your business.

Take it this way – Your business needs you to get 10 trucks of load to your factory. You measure the weight and clear the material for production. What you missed is the 200Kg calibration error your weigh bridge has inherited in a span of time. In a month you end up losing 6000 kg of raw material for production.

That indeed is a loss.

If you lose weight, you lose money. That’s the fundamental.


We will take up 4 scenarios to help you understand the hidden thieves that keep stealing your weight. So lets see the causes of error in measurement of weight in weighbridges –


  1. Position Matters – A truck scale or a weighbridge is a platform where the truck is driven in to measure its weight. The platform where the truck stands have load cells below it. These load cells send electrical signal to a junction box. The junction box calibrates it and displays the weight. Simple isn’t it?

It is to note that the same truck would weigh different if the truck is not placed on the platform correctly. The truck would not weigh correctly if it is more towards the edges. That is called corner difference and that is an error.

Make sure that the error is nullified and so that the truck weighs the same if placed on the platform be it edges or in the middle.


  1. That pit has dirt / water – The two major factors that steal the weight where maintenance is a challenge – Dirt and Water. If your pit has water or the load cells are covered with dust, it is very likely that the weight-thieves are right down there and needs to be removed.


  1. The feel-good calibration – Nothing hurts business more than a process that is out-rightly wrong. We get request to calibrate a weighbridge based on another weighbridge. Why? –
  • Because when the load comes from point A to point B they have to be same. As the weighbridges in point A and B are located far apart and when there is a fair transportation how can the truck measure different in both the points.
  • Because one of the weigh bridges is calibrated, we can just calibrate others based on this one.

The efficient practice is to get your weigh bridge calibrated with proper weights and get certified. Simple!

Go for pre calibrated digital load-cells as that will reduce the effort of getting standard weights

NOTE:  it is very difficult and literally cumbersome to get more than 15 tons of test weight

4. The business of re-calibration – The habit of matching the weight of the load of the trucks leads to multiple re-calibration of the weighbridge by the person doing the weight reading. This is a nasty practice in businessand causes the maximum amount of weight theft. And this is the exact reason why we introduced anti-theft within our weigh bridges. This mechanism not only prevents the re-calibration but also monitors the re-calibration (attempts) made. We provide a dynamic locking password which is not a standard so cannot be known by anyone. It is software based and should be only given to a trustworthy person.

NOTE: If you let out the mechanism publicly to all staff then you can never know what is happening with your weight of the weighbridges.

In case you would like to know how we can reduce weigh thefts with our anti theft mechanism then – tap on – Tell me about Anti theft mechanism in weigh bridges.

Let me know more about Anti theft mechanism

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We have realised over the period of time that “better safe than sorry” is a tested principle in businesses as well. Keep closer eyes on these common scenarios to avoid being robbed off your rightful weight.


You can also visit our slideshare page for – Who is stealing your weight (aka profit)

Presentation – Weighbridge selection Guide

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Your guide to weighbridge purchase decision

Here is a slideshare presentation to help buyers with a guide to weighbridge purchase decision.

Your weighbridge purchase guide

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undecissive consumer

Weighbridges are industrial machines. The procurement decisions are taken by well trained people. This guide to purchase decision of weigh bridges will serve them handy before concluding their purchase decision. In case of any assistance you may call up our office for guidance.

Here are few of the expectation that the buyers have while they invest in weigh bridges –

  1. Durability – The weigh bridge should last long enough to be satisfied by their ROI.
  2. The price factor – It is not hard to conclude that the price range of weigh bridges in the market can prompt you for additional advice. Weighing is a fundamental process in industries. It is better to be safe than sorry. Hence evaluate all the factors like quality of the load cells, structure being provided and the service back up.
  3. Precision – This is one of the most important factors. Precision is an outcome of proper calibration that stays and second with strong anti-theft feature. Look for the support your weighing solution provider is ready to offer during calibration.
  4. Maintenance – You may look out for weigh bridges designed for low maintenance. Also be ready to take the preventive measures like keeping the pits clean and putting pump to keep the load cells out of water.


Going on the same line we would like to create certain points that will help you as a buyer to cross check your purchase decision of weighbridges.

Frequency of use the Weigh Bridge –

You can have steel or a concrete or composite weight bride depending on the frequency of usage. A concrete or composite weigh bridge will serve for higher load and load measurement with greater frequency. A steel weigh bridge will server for moderate usage.

Also keep the other side in mind as well. Servicing the concrete is really tough. It has to be lifted with crane or hydra. Whereas steel weighbridges are fitted with nuts and bolts that makes it maintaining easier.

Price and Time is a factor –

A steel weigh bridge is good to go when you do not have time or funds in favour at the moment. Steel weigh bridges takes less time for installation than composite or concrete weigh bridges.

Maintenance –

Maintenance is a big factor for an investment like weigh bridges. It is better to have proper maintenance training and necessary service contract in place to have your weigh bridge operational with accuracy. Do not compromise on qualified technicians as they will be your best investment in long run.



Choice of Organization to buy weigh bridges –

  Your engineer will be able to guide with the purchase of weigh bridges. Your look out for weighing solution provider must be based on the following factors-

  1. Track record of service
  2. Who keeps spare parts in stock
  3. Quality of service engineers
  4. Commitment to services – They must have service packages that would benefit from tiny maintenance and service and can be easily contacted.

Strong Hardware and software duo –

Weigh bridges must automate your peripheral processes like invoicing, purchase etc. The data from your weigh bridge has immense analytical significance. It is considered wise to buy weigh bridges that couple with software and its data can be integrated with business processes.

Seek Advice –

This is though the last point but it is at times wise to seek advice from people who are experts in their field. Experts have a better understanding of on field operation challenges and can advise the best.


WE are open to your comments and would like to hear back from you in this subject.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

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preventive maintenance and service for weighbridges

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

The most effective and affordable system, preventive maintenance is the scheduled visits that can be procured with the annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Quality product with no regular servicing facility can cost a big deal to your business. Regular servicing issues can be best resolved and treated with regular maintenance.

Beneficial in several ways, procurement of preventive maintenance reduces the requirement for major repairs. It helps to

– Avoid any breakdown of your weighbridge.
– Avoid any kind of business halt.
– Improves productivity.
– Do away with any kind of major damages by regular repairing.

Regular care can better the quality of your weighbridge. Timely servicing can enhance the longevity of your weighbridge. An adequate servicing facility through preventive maintenance will definitely better the performance of the weighbridge.

Encountering problems before its occurrence can surely help you better maintain your weighing machine. It can save a huge deal of your loss.

Let us know the issues that you face regarding your weigh bridge service and maintenance. We would be happy to reach out to you with solution that would matter for better performance of your equipment.

Exciting opportunity! We suggest grabbing it now!

Looking for weighbridge and services for stress free business?

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weighbridge services and maintenance

Looking for stress free business?

Tulsi Weigh Solutions aims to not only provide you the best quality product, but also quality service. For industrial processes a weigh bridge is a vital component. Irregular servicing and lack of proper maintenance can be harmful to both the daily operations as well as the commercial activities. As such, we suggest you to opt for AMC which includes weighbridge services and maintenance. A little negligence can lead to a dreadful calamity. Thus, enrolling in our AMC can be beneficial to you. It definitely leads to a stress free business.

Our AMC for weighbrige services and maintenance

Under the annual contract, we guarantee to provide you scheduled visits. Timely service and scheduled check-ups can keep your machine working in better conditions.

Our engineers will provide professional advice that will enable your weigh bridge to operate in an optimal manner.Thus, machines covered under AMC will definitely offer stress free business. Opting for AMC will positively be a wise choice.

Our AMC Details

FOR SERVICE/COMPLAIN CALL Dial: 033-40010701-04.Mobile: 8336921911.
We provide you with after sales service through our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
AMC a contractual method to maintain your product for a given amount paid for a year, helps you to prevent your machines form any kind of injury before you even have to think of how to cure it.


1) Specially trained Mechanics to be sent annually to overhaul and Repair you’re weighing equipment as listed overleaf for reverification by Government Inspector in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.

1) Specially trained Mechanics to be sent annually to overhaul and Repair you’re weighing equipment as listed overleaf for reverification by Government Inspector in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.

2) If at any time other than the schedule visits, it is considered necessary by you that any of the machines need repairs, which necessitate our attention and services this will be included in our services on the additional payment of only travelling and halting expenses of our staff sent by us for this purpose.

2) If at any time other than the schedule visits, it is considered necessary by you that any of the machines need repairs, which necessitate our attention and services this will be included in our services on the additional payment of only travelling and halting expenses of our staff sent by us for this purpose.

3) Specially trained Mechanics to be sent upon receipt of your specific complaint to examine and adjust your weighing equipment as listed overleaf.

3) Specially trained Mechanics to be sent upon receipt of your specific complaint to examine and adjust your weighing equipment as listed overleaf.

4) All travelling and other expenses of our Mechanic and supervisory staff are included. But you have to provide free accommodation.

4) All travelling and other expenses of our Mechanic and supervisory staff are included. But you have to provide free accommodation.

5) The assistance of our supervisory and technical staff will be available free of charge whenever required for special consultation.

5) The assistance of our supervisory and technical staff will be available free of charge whenever required for special consultation.