A word from our Chairman- S. K Tikmany

Tulsi Weigh solutions, previously known as Tulsi Trading was established in 1952. We had started our company as an agent for India Machinery Company Limited. Previously there were very few companies dealing with weigh bridges. After a period of time, the Government had taken over the ownership for India Machinery Company. Due to certain problems the company had closed down in 1992, after which we had faced a lot of difficulties.

However, with all the barriers and struggles, we started manufacturing mechanical weigh bridges in 1995 under our brand name “TULSI”. During the initial days the demand for this product had been very limited. A weigh bridge of 20 ton was available and demanded more. Gradually the capacity range increased to 30 ton, 40 ton, 50 ton and 60 ton along with the supplies. Then came a time when there was a demand for a dial type machine and then a dial type with mechanical and electronic recorder.

My 60 years of association with the weigh bridges industry has given me lot of experiences. I have witnessed the revamp of this industry. As years passed by the demand has increased; with always a requisite for new improved products. The revolution in the IT sector has certainly made an impact on the weigh bridge industry.

Since 10 years, the demand for electronic weigh bridges has elevated. We started manufacturing electronic weigh bridges in 2000. Over the years we have manufactured an electronic weighbridge of 170 tons. We have specially designed a unique size of 2iM*3M pit less type single platform weighbridge for Kolaghat Thermal Power Station, based on 8 load cells. This is the longest single platform installed in this region.

To add to our achievements and innovations we now manufacture Twin Platform. This dual platform provides you with an added advantage. In case any one of the two platforms stops functioning, the other one will remain unaffected. One of the platforms will still be functioning.

Over the passage of time we have gained a strong grip over the Bengal and Eastern region with our HQ at Kolkata, supplying our products to other regions of the country as well. We have been able to retain the good-will by providing our customers with competent products and consistent after sales service. We have sufficient number of service men employed who have proper skill set and knowledge to attend the customer’s problems.

With changing times the competitors have also augmented. Marketing was definitely easier in the earlier days as there were limited companies providing customers with their needs. Yet, we still stand as one of the oldest and reliable company for weigh bridges. We assure you with maximum accuracy, an important feature for weigh bridges. We also promise you effective after sales service, another important criteria for this industry.

Customer satisfaction is an imperative criterion for us. To meet their needs we make sure we not only supply products but also provide after sales service in time. Equipping ourselves with the best of service team and availability we want to completely establish a strong base at Kolkata, making sure we deliver what we promise.

We have been happy serving you for six decades now and hope to continue doing the same. This positively has been possible due to your support and will be possible in the near future because of you.

Thank You
S. K. Tikmany
Tulsi Weigh Solutions Pvt LTD