The most fundamental element of manufacturing, delivery, procurement and production is – Weighing.

We keep this repeating in an alarming rate because we do not want you to miss the point. The weight of the trucks measured determines profitability or loss for your business.

Take it this way – Your business needs you to get 10 trucks of load to your factory. You measure the weight and clear the material for production. What you missed is the 200Kg calibration error your weigh bridge has inherited in a span of time. In a month you end up losing 6000 kg of raw material for production.

That indeed is a loss.

If you lose weight, you lose money. That’s the fundamental.


We will take up 4 scenarios to help you understand the hidden thieves that keep stealing your weight. So lets see the causes of error in measurement of weight in weighbridges –


  1. Position Matters – A truck scale or a weighbridge is a platform where the truck is driven in to measure its weight. The platform where the truck stands have load cells below it. These load cells send electrical signal to a junction box. The junction box calibrates it and displays the weight. Simple isn’t it?

It is to note that the same truck would weigh different if the truck is not placed on the platform correctly. The truck would not weigh correctly if it is more towards the edges. That is called corner difference and that is an error.

Make sure that the error is nullified and so that the truck weighs the same if placed on the platform be it edges or in the middle.


  1. That pit has dirt / water – The two major factors that steal the weight where maintenance is a challenge – Dirt and Water. If your pit has water or the load cells are covered with dust, it is very likely that the weight-thieves are right down there and needs to be removed.


  1. The feel-good calibration – Nothing hurts business more than a process that is out-rightly wrong. We get request to calibrate a weighbridge based on another weighbridge. Why? –
  • Because when the load comes from point A to point B they have to be same. As the weighbridges in point A and B are located far apart and when there is a fair transportation how can the truck measure different in both the points.
  • Because one of the weigh bridges is calibrated, we can just calibrate others based on this one.

The efficient practice is to get your weigh bridge calibrated with proper weights and get certified. Simple!

Go for pre calibrated digital load-cells as that will reduce the effort of getting standard weights

NOTE:  it is very difficult and literally cumbersome to get more than 15 tons of test weight

4. The business of re-calibration – The habit of matching the weight of the load of the trucks leads to multiple re-calibration of the weighbridge by the person doing the weight reading. This is a nasty practice in businessand causes the maximum amount of weight theft. And this is the exact reason why we introduced anti-theft within our weigh bridges. This mechanism not only prevents the re-calibration but also monitors the re-calibration (attempts) made. We provide a dynamic locking password which is not a standard so cannot be known by anyone. It is software based and should be only given to a trustworthy person.

NOTE: If you let out the mechanism publicly to all staff then you can never know what is happening with your weight of the weighbridges.

In case you would like to know how we can reduce weigh thefts with our anti theft mechanism then – tap on – Tell me about Anti theft mechanism in weigh bridges.

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We have realised over the period of time that “better safe than sorry” is a tested principle in businesses as well. Keep closer eyes on these common scenarios to avoid being robbed off your rightful weight.


You can also visit our slideshare page for – Who is stealing your weight (aka profit)