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Weighbridges are industrial machines. The procurement decisions are taken by well trained people. This guide to purchase decision of weigh bridges will serve them handy before concluding their purchase decision. In case of any assistance you may call up our office for guidance.

Here are few of the expectation that the buyers have while they invest in weigh bridges –

  1. Durability – The weigh bridge should last long enough to be satisfied by their ROI.
  2. The price factor – It is not hard to conclude that the price range of weigh bridges in the market can prompt you for additional advice. Weighing is a fundamental process in industries. It is better to be safe than sorry. Hence evaluate all the factors like quality of the load cells, structure being provided and the service back up.
  3. Precision – This is one of the most important factors. Precision is an outcome of proper calibration that stays and second with strong anti-theft feature. Look for the support your weighing solution provider is ready to offer during calibration.
  4. Maintenance – You may look out for weigh bridges designed for low maintenance. Also be ready to take the preventive measures like keeping the pits clean and putting pump to keep the load cells out of water.


Going on the same line we would like to create certain points that will help you as a buyer to cross check your purchase decision of weighbridges.

Frequency of use the Weigh Bridge –

You can have steel or a concrete or composite weight bride depending on the frequency of usage. A concrete or composite weigh bridge will serve for higher load and load measurement with greater frequency. A steel weigh bridge will server for moderate usage.

Also keep the other side in mind as well. Servicing the concrete is really tough. It has to be lifted with crane or hydra. Whereas steel weighbridges are fitted with nuts and bolts that makes it maintaining easier.

Price and Time is a factor –

A steel weigh bridge is good to go when you do not have time or funds in favour at the moment. Steel weigh bridges takes less time for installation than composite or concrete weigh bridges.

Maintenance –

Maintenance is a big factor for an investment like weigh bridges. It is better to have proper maintenance training and necessary service contract in place to have your weigh bridge operational with accuracy. Do not compromise on qualified technicians as they will be your best investment in long run.



Choice of Organization to buy weigh bridges –

  Your engineer will be able to guide with the purchase of weigh bridges. Your look out for weighing solution provider must be based on the following factors-

  1. Track record of service
  2. Who keeps spare parts in stock
  3. Quality of service engineers
  4. Commitment to services – They must have service packages that would benefit from tiny maintenance and service and can be easily contacted.

Strong Hardware and software duo –

Weigh bridges must automate your peripheral processes like invoicing, purchase etc. The data from your weigh bridge has immense analytical significance. It is considered wise to buy weigh bridges that couple with software and its data can be integrated with business processes.

Seek Advice –

This is though the last point but it is at times wise to seek advice from people who are experts in their field. Experts have a better understanding of on field operation challenges and can advise the best.


WE are open to your comments and would like to hear back from you in this subject.