How to choose a load cell?

A good load cell can determine the performance of your weighbridge. If you are thinking of purchasing a load cell, you should consider some important points.

Your choice of load cell guarantees optimum performance of your weigh bridge. To achieve weighing accuracy and proper weighing data, one should consider the choice of load cell. To choose a good load cell the factors responsible are-

System capacity- The capacity of your weighbridge determines what load cell you
choose. It is also responsible for determining accuracy.

The brand of load cell- Make sure you choose a good quality load cell. In the recent
times, many local vendors have started producing load cells. Even the production of duplicate load
cells has led to inaccurate weighing measurements. A good brand with good quality is worth the price.

Type- Analog/Digital as per the requirement. Each type has a price attached. But, for
proper accuracy selecting a type irrespective of its price would be advisable.

Hence, selecting a good load cell with proper consultation can help you achieve weighing accuracy.