How your activities can damage the environment?

Environmental menace poses prodigious threat to human lives. Increase in levels of pollution, changes in climate and effects of global warming has proved to be disastrous both for the living and non-living objects.

Industrial activities are considered to be more harmful for the environment. As such, environmental protection is a constant challenge for the industries. They are required to take necessary initiatives that can prevent environmental damage.

At Tulsi, we aim to provide products which are eco-friendly and do not cause impairment to the environment. In order to protect the environment, industries need to be careful about their activities. Each step taken should aim to prevent environmental damage.

As such, industries play an important role in protecting the nature and its serenity. Pollution caused due to smoke emitted from manufacturing activities or unclean water that drains to the nearby river/pond has a harmful effect not only on the environment but also human lives.