Tulsi’s platform scales are substantial and reliable. Its robustness and vigour attributes makes it compatible to withstand harsh environmental conditions. We build platform scales that can successfully operate over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather.

We design and manufacture heavy duty platform scales starting from 500 kg up to 6 ton. They are available in variants of four load cells armed with Electronic Indicator. The indicator is developed on Microprocessor based technology, sigma delta type 24 Bit Analogue to digital Conversion, SMPS power supply incorporated with EMI-RFI filter and spike suppressor.

Platform scales also include additional features of multi-step calibration procedure to achieve accurate weight.  it has a built-in battery back-up. The weighing scale provides facility of smart calibration through keyboard for minor corrections.

The weighing scale is provided with auto zero tracking features to define the nominal AZT width, weight tracking ability to generate stable weight on display and also kg – Litre conversion facility is made available as an additional option.

Tulsi assures your security by providing you the option to change the calibration password for enhanced security measure.


1 ton- 6 Ton


10,000 Counts

Platform Sizes

(750 m x 750 m) – (3 m x 3 m)


8051 Core Micro Controller


6 Digit 7 segment Red LED

Display Font

13 mm (H)

Indicator Dimension

200mm (W) x 210mm (D) x 80mm (H)

Weight of Indicator

2.5 Kg


0 Deg C – 55 Deg C


up to 95 % RH non condensing

Input Voltage

90 V – 270 V AC @ 50 Hz

Input Signal

1 mv – 3 mv per Unit Weight

Power Consumption

10 VA (approx)

Conversion Speed

18 Samples / Second

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