Tulsi Weigh Solutions offers you tough and robust built static Rail Wagon Weigh Bridge. The weighing machine is built with solid and stable steel structure and hermetically sealed load cells.

Static Weighbridge can be pitched to a pit type design adaptable to diverse range of work environment. They are entrenched with high resolution ADC, auto/fine calibration supporting tarring range up to full capacity and an advanced micro controller based design.

These weighing machines are equipped with an in built surge assertors for special environment needs. Wide-ranging features of the digital scale bestow multiple weigh bridge operated centrally through single master indicator, std. software covering diverse operating needs, bright LED/LCD/Dual option and Std. RS 232 serial interface for PC/Printer.

Tulsi’s promises to secure you by enabling an anti-theft feature through Dynamic Locking Provision in the rail wagon weighing machine.

Display Size

6 digits

Display Type

Dual Options, LCD, LED

Display Configuration

Front Display

Keyboard keys

4 keys on Indicator ( LED Display option), 4 Keys Through Keyboard ( Dual display option)

Keyboard Type

Member Type

Operating Voltage

230 V AC @ 50 Hz

Operating Temperature

-100C to 400C

Power Consumption

10 W for Indicator


95 % RH ( Non Condensing )

LED Indication


Capacity Range

10 T – 200 T

Indicator Dimention


Ext. Jumbo Display


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