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In this article we will take up weighbridge software. We will try to understand the benefits that you can avail from them. If chosen well, weighbridge software will boost your efficiency of the weighing process.

One of the most important component of your weighing bridge is the software. They add the extra leg to your machine that smoothens or uplift the business processes attached to weighing. Currently most of these weighbridge software are beautifully designed for specific industries. But in general, what benefits that you must look for in the software that you procure.

Three features in weighbridge software to look for

Vehicle Information and tracking –

This is one of the most looked for feature in weighbridge software. The software can keep the stored tare, registration numbers and other details necessary for the trade.

Let us understand how does this feature help in the weighing process.

For loading a vehicle, first we measure the weight of the empty vehicle and then measure the vehicle with the load. If the tare weight is stored, we reduce one step from the weighing process. Even during unloading, the weight of the vehicle measured with the load will suffice to determine the goods weight as the tare weight is already present in the weighbridge software.

As we had mentioned earlier in our article on “errors of weighing”, we must not rely on the stored tare weight blindly and verify the data once in a while by measuring the empty vehicle.

If you have weighbridges at multiple point, the vehicle data serves for tracking purposes.

One of our clients optimised his loading time by tracking the entry and the exit time of the vehicles.

Some of the advance software allows to tag the tracking with cctv camera footage which is also useful in keeping a check.


A user-friendly ticketing interface –

There is a high possibility that your weighbridge operator will be spending most of his time here. A clear and easy navigation system of the ticketing interface will make the ticketing process faster. Make sure that auto search while typing feature is enabled to access vehicle information, customers and addresses.

Ease of getting multiple prints is a good option to have it in your ticketing module of the weighbridge software.

A lot of logistic company needs various features like barcode generation, invoicing, auto sms etc. on the ticketing module for easy integration with other business processes as well.


Reporting and Backup

Your data is important and if your software can back-up the data on cloud then nothing like it.

Your weighbridge is a source of business intelligence. Reports, hence is a very important aspect of weighbridge software. The software may not be designed for advance reports so option of having the data exported to excel, open-office or a database format will be beneficial. This will help other associated software to analyse your data and derive insights.


These are the three features that you must definitely look for in your weighbridge software. A lot many business processes can also be addresses through these software depending on the industry your weighbridge serves.

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