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“Weight” is a very significant measure both in our life and the industries that fuel the development of an economy.

Consider this, the grocery that we bring home is weighed. The vendor receives his ordered quantity based on the weight of products he had ordered from the supplier. Every export import is measured by the unit of volume and weight.

It can strike our mind when we realise that most of the things that moves around and exchanged for money moves by its weight.

In industries, weighing is the principle attribute for measurement. Right from production to delivery the movement of products is based on its weight.  When thousands of industries like food, iron and steel, tea, infrastructure, energy etc. which defines the health of the nation, works, they leave the most important thing that matter to us, “weight”.

Right from the days of India’s economic struggle after India’s independence to this time when India is called the fastest growing economy, we pride ourselves to experience and contribute to the countries development.

In the current stream of development weight has been in every touch points of the industrial process. The raw materials are marked by their weight, the development of the product is analysed by its weight at every stage, the final product is weight before loading, it’s weight is measured after loading and after de-loading and finally it is the weight that is considered for packaging and distribution.

Different weighing mechanisms are installed at different points to carry out these processes smoothly. Our experience in weighing industry have been for more than five decades. We have realized the two most important elements that industries look for in their weighing solution.

At Tulsi weigh, we have consistently endeavored and in time evolved with these two offerings in our weighing solution–

  1. Precision
  2. Durability

We understand the kind of performance expected by industries from their weighing solution partners. We have opened up free consultation and check-up with DIY (do it yourself) guide and training time to time to help our partners know their weighing solutions even better. And after all it boils down to one thing – The weight that you measure, matters.

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We are looking forward for your comments and insight on weighing solution industry.