What to expect in AMC?

Quality performance of a machine certainly depends on its maintenance. It is a key factor accountable for the credible functioning of your machine. However, for competent handling of the machine, you may not be familiar with all the required traits.

For this purpose we at Tulsi have a team of efficiently skilled and trained service engineers. Once your machine is under AMC, our engineers will visit the site to diagnose the impairments and execute the required repairs. Under AMC-

1.You will be assisted by our engineers if your machine is required to undergo re-verification by Government
Inspector in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.
2.We expect the customer to inform us 15 days prior, prior to the Inspector’s visit, as per the scheduled
3.However, the customer has to bear the Inspector’s fees, incidental expense, and any charges for the transport,
arrangement/purchase of test weights or any other equipment as required.
4.In case, your machine is required to be brought to the nearest workshop for any repair, the customer will have to
bear the cost of transport.
5.However, we at Tulsi, shall not be liable for any delay caused by the Inspector/any office of the Department of
Legal Metrology visiting for stamping.
6.However, our AMC contract covers all charges of travelling, except for accommodation and food.
7.In case of any assistance required other than the scheduled visits, or for meeting any specific complaints, our
engineers are made available free of cost. The customer is only required to bear the cost of accommodation d

Note:This contract is subjected to exemption from effect of war, riot, and strike, military or unlawful occupation. All the work or servicing will be carried out during normal working hours. Once under our AMC you definitely occupy the top position in our servicing list, you become a priority.