health of weighbridge

How healthy is your weighbridge?

A good looking body can seem pleasant to the eyes, but, may not be necessarily healthy. Similarly, the robust structure of your weighbridge may be performing well, but, it might be impaired.

As a precision measuring instrument, weighbridges demand regular servicing in order to ensure optimum performance and accuracy. However, following a few simple methods to maintain your weighbridge can avoid the damages. Some basic maintenance checks can help your weighbridge to operate effectively.

1. Approach cautiously on the weighbridge. It can cause over loading on the load cells. Always try to maintain slow speed on the weigh bridge. Approaching in high speed can cause jerk loading on the load cells.

2. Keep your weighbridge clean. Regular servicing is a must. The approaches to the weigh bridge should be kept clean and clear. Accumulated dirt and dust, and water logging around the weighbridge can reduce its life and affect the performance.

3. Weighbridges require a good quality and stable source of power like an USP is a must. It is vital to maintain proper earthing and your load cells should be surge protected. Avoid welding your weighbridge, as; this can cause destructions in the circuit of electrical equipment

However, it is important to know that one should not judge a book by its cover. Weighbridges are an important element for many industrial processes. Its breakdown can cause severe loss to work. Hence, do not take your weighbridge for granted. Get your weighbridge servicing at the required intervals. To know more about our regular service systems and provisions for AMC, follow our next article on, “Why you need to opt for AMC”.