How placement of your vehicle determines your weighing data?

Are you gloomed due to the difference in weighing data? Is your weighing machine causing deadly accuracy issues? Have you been constantly criticizing your weighing measurements?

There are many reasons that can lead to such differences in weighing data. However, few important factors can be considered to receive proper measurements. These factors include-

• How you apply the load on your weighing system.
• Equal load should be distribution on load cells.
• Do not miss on the placement factors.
• On a weighbridge, ensure that equal pressure applied on the load cells for
proper weighing data.


For long lasting weighing systems and better reading of the measured data, here are few simple concerns that needs to be kept in mind-

• Placement of the vehicle is imperative.
• Corner difference should not be present.

As such, your vehicle should not be placed outside the weighing scale. For accurate weighing data maintaining the placement of your vehicle is highly advisable.